VIDEO: Making Rustic Log Stakes

VIDEO: Making Rustic Log Stakes

Lumbering Shenanigans is branching out to YouTube! 

After a couple of years documenting our shenanigans on Instagram we've decided to embrace the longer form of videos that YouTube allows. Hopefully this will enable us to share more informational posts and not just pretty pictures. 

The first video in this new adventure is a non-talky one featuring Toby carving a bunch of rustic log stakes to use in the new row garden build.  You'll see a couple of cool tools in use; a clamping sawhorse, and a staking tool. The later is a really fun tool to play with. 

Basically a giant drill-powered pencil sharpener with a blade capacity to handle log upto 3" diameter and shave them down to a neat point.  Very useful for making fence posts, stakes, or vampire hunting equipment.  


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