Lumbering Shenanigans founder, Toby Wilkins has a diverse creative background in graphic design, visual arts, photography, and filmmaking, as well as making and building of all kinds and can regularly be seen on our YouTube channel and Instagram.

Undeniably a product of his time, Toby has never shied away from blending art and technology in his creative work. An early adopter of computer aided graphic design and publishing, a pioneer in digital film, and an innovative artist, his genre-hopping work often blurs the lines between art, sculpture, engineering, illustration, computer graphics, and visual effects. Always with a firm understanding of art history and the impact of technology on culture, and frequently with a nostalgic eye. 

The youngest son of novelist and playwright Christopher Wilkins, artist and sculptor Dorthy Wilkins, and bother of Academy Award winning sound designer Ben Wilkins, Toby is originally from London, England. He relocated to the US in the '90s and eventually made his home in the Pacific Northwest. 
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