“Frank” by Toby Wilkins

“Frank” by Toby Wilkins

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“Frank” is an experimental art print, hand made using a technique derived from 19th century hectograph printing in which inks were applied to a gelatin plate and transferred to paper. In this modern reinvention of the style acrylic paint is used with a Gelli plate made from mineral spirits. 

This classic hands-on printing technique creates one print at a time, and each is unique due to imperfections and variations in the thickness of paint applied, contact time, and applied pressure, even ambient temperature and humidity can effect the final image. 

Wilkins’ visual style often combines ancient and traditional techniques with cutting edge technology. In this case the base artwork was created using AI, digital painting, a toner-based photocopier/printer to create the paper originals which are destroyed during the transfer process. Wilkins then hand paints backing color into areas of the print before the final transfer to paper to create the illusion of Frank’s glowing eyes. 

Therefor no two prints are identical, each with its own quirks and imperfections. Ten unique prints were created over the course of several days. Each is numbered and will be sold in order starting with #2 (the first print will remain in the artist’s personal collection). 

  • edition size: 10 prints
  • image size: 7” x 5” 
  • paper size: 10” x 8”
  • signed and numbered by the artist 
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